Arnold J. Willis, MD

Arnold J. Willis, MD

Arnold J. Willis, MD

Dr. Arnold J. Willis, M.D., F.I.C.S. was born in Philadelphia, and attended Overbrook High School there. Upon graduation, he received the Board of Education Scholarship and the State Scholarship, both based on merit. After attending Franklin Marshall College and getting a Bachelor of Arts Degree, he moved back to Philadelphia to attend Thomas Jefferson Medical School of the Thomas Jefferson University. Upon graduation from Jefferson, where he received the Philip J. Hodes prize in radiology and the Thomas J. Fetter prize in urology. This was awarded to the top student in the graduating class in honor of their outstanding performance throughout medical school. In addition, he was awarded a National Institute of Health clinical oncology training grant which allowed him to study the effects of radiation on the lung in London for three months.

After finishing medical school, Dr. Willis pursued post graduate studies at the George Washington University Medical Center at which point he finished three years of a general surgical residency followed by three years of urologic surgical residency culminating in graduation and board certification in 1980. At the time of his graduation, he was awarded the resident’s prize by the Washington Urologic Society and was pleased to go forward into private practice with a clinical associate professorship at the University. He remains active at George Washington University and at Georgetown University Family Practice training center at this time.

Dr. Willis has also been cited in Who’s Who in the world, Who’s Who in the United States, and Who’s Who in the East. He was fortunate enough to be selected in Who’s Who in Medicine and Health Care in the inaugural issue and also has a biographical sketch in Who’s Who is Science and Technology. He has been asked to lecture on various subjects throughout the United States, and recently has published papers on up to date seed therapy on an outpatient basis for prostate cancer.

Dr. Willis has published many articles about minimally invasive treatments for prostate cancer. He has additionally developed, operated and expanded Mid Atltantic Cryo-Therapy. He has also developed HDR in our region and brachy-therapy programs to treat prostate cancer. Additionally, he has helped revolutionize treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence in women with the new treatment for SUI, known as the Renessa.

Dr. Willis has lectured extensively in the USA and Europe on Prostate Cancer, Prostate Disease and urinary incontinence. Notably he gave the keynote speech at the 12th Copenhagen Urologic Seminar on Brach-Therapy in 2000.

More recently he has run training seminars for Renessa (SUI), TUNA (BPH) and Cryoblation (prostate cancer). He also was asked to present his extensive experience in treating prostate cancer in St. Petersburg Russia at the International Society of Cryosurgery in October 2009. He has continued to lecture and teach about the various therapies for Urinary Incontinence around the US and the World, while directing the Greenbelt Urology Institute in Maryland.

He has recently organized and directed the International College of Medicine’s medical missions in Ecuador. He has been a medical director of Mid-Atlantic Cryotherapy, medical director of Greenbelt Urology Institute and medical director of Mid-Atlantic Urologic Institute, LLC. In addition, he has recently been appointed as chairman of the Division of Urology for the US Section of the International College of Surgeons. He has also been a past vice president of the US Section of the Internal College of Surgeons. He is a director of clinical subspecialties in Aureus University School of Medicine and has been elected Associate Dean of Clinical Sciences, Aureus University School of Medicine in Aruba. He is also Faculty Advisor to the International College of Medicine and the Editor in Chief of the Journal of the ICM. Additionally Dr. Willis has published extensively on cryotherapy, brachytherapy and has presented at multiple meetings, primarily on minimally invasive therapies for prostate cancer. He chaired and ran the Scandinavian minimally invasive focal therapy for prostate cancer meeting in Aarhus, Denmark.

He is married to Lilian Mortensen who is a Danish citizen and he enjoys time in Denmark with his family. In addition, he has three sons, Adam, Simon, and Andreas Willis who help keep him active and young. Dr. Willis’ hobbies include fishing, skiing, tennis, squash, and sailing. He can be found actively pursuing these avocations while continuing his work as a practicing and investigative urologic physician in the Washington Metropolitan area.